About us

DUO TRANS has been providing high quality transportation services since 2004.  Initially, the company specialised exclusively in domestic and international transport, but due to rapid growth in 2011, we expanded our business to include shipping services.  We cooperate with Polish and foreign trade companies, working with both large enterprises as well as small manufacturing entities.  Each load is cared for individually, and thanks to constant contact with the freight forwarder we are able to monitor the progress of engagement at every stage.

In order to be the most efficient provider,  we have expanded our service base of reliable carriers, all offering utmost professionalism and giving each transport their full attention to meet the expectations and needs of the most demanding customer.

Important documents

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ul.Jarzębinowa 48/4
81-589 Gdynia

mob. +48 601 700 181
mob. +48 605 100 048
phone/fax. +48 (58) 600 60 15
e-mail: info@spedycja-duotrans.pl

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